Seeking Guidance When A Commercial Vehicle Puts You In Harm’s Way

With the increases in the moving and shipping business, commercial vehicles are a more common sight out on the road. While these vehicles offer numerous benefits, with the inherent weight and size, they may also present a certain level of risk to those nearby.

Commercial vehicle collisions can be devastating, having the potential to cause serious injuries to those involved. If you suffered serious injuries in a similar incident, you might be in search of restitution, and perhaps you are subsequently wondering how to proceed.

Collisions involving commercial vehicles

Even though drivers of commercial vehicles, such as a semi, undergo rigorous testing and licensing procedures, unfortunately, accidents involving similar vehicles continue to occur. Some of the more prevalent causes of commercial vehicle accidents could include the following:

  • Driver fatigue/impairment:  With many commercial vehicle operators spending long hours on the road, fatigue can be an issue, and drowsiness can be extremely dangerous. If a truck driver operates a vehicle while tired or under the influence, your safety could be at risk.
  • Distraction:  Distracted driving is a serious issue among all drivers, and with the size and weight of commercial vehicles, if the drivers aren’t paying attention, the chances for catastrophic accidents increase significantly.
  • Reckless driving:  Drivers of commercial vehicles already have enough difficulty making sudden moves or turns, and if they choose to speed or make unsafe lane changes, they could place you in harm’s way.
  • Lack of training:  Those who operate commercial vehicles with insufficient training could be unprepared to react under certain conditions and may instead panic or overcompensate, which can be hazardous.
  • Vehicle maintenance:  These vehicles generally require regular maintenance, and if a trucking company fails to service any issues, commercial vehicles may be more prone to mechanical problems.

Drivers of large trucks are susceptible to the same mistakes as others, but with a decrease in maneuverability, the results of negligence among commercial drivers could be much worse, potentially leaving you to suffer the consequences.

Pursuing compensation

Serious injuries can create a variety of hardships in life — physical, emotional and financial alike. If you are suffering from the aftermath of a commercial vehicle accident, you might wish to pursue financial relief, but with a number of crucial areas to consider, seeking assistance could be in your best interests.

Even if the driver of this vehicle is at fault, additional parties may be liable for your damages. Seeking guidance from someone with experience in Connecticut state laws surrounding the incident could help inform you of the available options for relief, and prepare you to pursue the full amount of compensation you deserve through all applicable outlets.