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Were you hit by an 18-wheeler in Essex or Deep River, Connecticut? Then get the legal help you need to stand up to the trucking companies and demand compensation for what you’ve suffered. Trucking companies and their insurers have considerable resources to fight injury claims and minimize payouts, and they aren’t afraid to use them. A personal injury lawyer can level the playing field and help you demand every cent you’re owed. Contact Holth & Kollman, LLC, for a free initial claim evaluation with a truck accident attorney serving Deep River, Connecticut, and let’s get started pursuing the money you deserve.

Common Types and Causes of Truck Accidents in Deep River, Connecticut

At Holth & Kollman, LLC, we assist people who have been hurt in truck accidents such as: 
Rear-end collisions
Head-on collisions
Sideswipe collisions
Side-impact/T-bone collisions
Underride accidents (where vehicles become wedged underneath a truck trailer)
Jackknife accidents
Rollover accidents
Cargo accidents (including accidents involving cargo spills or crashes caused by cargo shifting inside the truck/trailer)
Operating a complex vehicle like a commercial truck requires more skill and focus than driving a passenger vehicle, and even a split second of inattention or carelessness can lead to a devastating collision. Some of the most common causes of truck accidents in Essex and Deep River include:
Speeding or driving too fast for conditions
Tailgating/following too closely
Reckless driving
Running red lights or stop signs
Improper wide turns
Turning or changing lanes without signaling or checking mirrors
Distracted driving
Drowsy/fatigued driving
Driving under the influence
Failing to yield the right of way
Unsafe cargo loads, including excessive or unbalanced weight and unsecured cargo items
Driver inexperience

Injuries That Can Occur in Truck Crashes

The size and weight of commercial trucks mean these vehicles impart far more force in a collision than other vehicles. As a result, truck accidents can cause injuries such as: 
Severe lacerations and scarring
Broken bones
Dislocated joints
Ligament sprains and tears
Muscle and tendon strains and tears
Herniated spinal disc injuries
Nerve damage
Internal organ injuries and internal bleeding
Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
Traumatic brain injuries
Amputation or limb loss

Who Can You Hold at Fault for a Truck Accident?

The trucking industry is made up of many different types of businesses and workers, any of whom may bear responsibility for causing a truck accident. Depending on the circumstances, any or several of the following could be at fault for your injuries:

The truck driver

A driver may bear responsibility for an accident caused by the negligent or reckless operation of their vehicle.

The trucking company

Trucking companies may bear liability for a truck accident as the employer of an at-fault truck driver. Companies can also directly cause crashes by negligently hiring, training, or supervising their drivers or instructing drivers to engage in careless or reckless behavior.

The truck or trailer owner

A third party that owns the truck or trailer involved in a crash may bear responsibility for the accident if they failed to maintain the vehicle.

The cargo shipping company

A cargo company can cause a truck accident by improperly loading cargo into the trailer or container.

The truck’s mechanic

Third-party mechanics hired to maintain commercial trucks can cause a crash if they negligently fail to repair or replace damaged components.

The truck’s manufacturers

The manufacturer of the truck or the parts used on the truck may bear responsibility for an accident caused by a defect in the vehicle or a part.

Complications of Truck Accident Cases

Unfortunately, pursuing fair compensation after a truck accident can be difficult in that:

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Truck accident claims involve complex evidence

The trucking industry is heavily regulated, which means there is often considerable documentary evidence in the wake of an accident. Determining liability may require the careful review of driver hours-of-service logs, cargo manifests, truck maintenance/repair records, and event data recorder (“black box”) logs.

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Accidents often involve multiple injured and liable parties

Truck accident claims may become complicated when they involve numerous injured victims who all want full compensation or multiple liable parties who may fight among themselves to shift financial liability for the crash onto one another.

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Trucking companies may have complex insurance coverage or corporate structures

Many large trucking companies have layered insurance policies or use a web of corporate subsidiaries or affiliates that make it challenging to identify the correct liable party or calculate the amount of insurance coverage available in the case.

Steps to Take After an 18-Wheeler Crash

Hurt in a truck accident? Take the following steps to start your claim out on the right foot: 
Seek medical treatment and follow your doctor’s recovery plan.
Request copies of medical records from your treatment and rehabilitation.
Obtain a copy of the police accident report.
Keep your bills, invoices, or receipts for expenses you incur during your recovery.
Gather copies of your pay stubs or income statements.
Report the accident to your auto insurance company.
Finally, contact the vehicle collision attorneys at Holth & Kollman, LLC serving in Essex or Deep River as soon as possible, and bring the above information with you to the initial consultation.
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Financial Recovery Available in a Truck Accident Claim

A successful truck accident claim could provide you with the money you need for your: 
Car repairs or reimbursement for the value of your vehicle if the collision with the 18-wheeler totaled it
Costs of medical treatment and rehabilitation
Costs of long-term care for disabilities that result from your injuries
Ongoing and future losses of wages/income and job benefits if you cannot work due to your injuries or disabilities
Pain and suffering
Lost enjoyment or quality of life

How Long Do You Have to File a Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Under Connecticut’s statute of limitations, you likely have two years after a truck crash to file lawsuits against the at-fault truck driver or trucking companies. Any lawsuit filed after the limitations period expires risks getting dismissed by the trial court. Because you might lose your right to compensation by filing an untimely claim, you should contact a truck collision lawyer serving in Deep River, CT, from Holth & Kollman, LLC, as soon as possible to get started with your case. 

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Why Choose Holth & Kollman After a Truck Accident?

A truck accident can leave you with life-altering injuries and significant financial loss. Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can help you pursue the compensation you need to rebuild your life. For decades, semi-truck accident victims have relied on the legal counsel and advocacy of Holth & Kollman, LLC, to help them obtain accountability and justice because of:

Our experience

We have more than 45 years of experience representing clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries due to others’ negligence. We know what it takes to help accident victims as they recover and return to everyday life.

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Our knowledge

We work with a network of area experts to prepare innovative legal strategies aimed at securing the maximum compensation for serious injuries.
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Our client service

Every client who walks through our doors can expect honesty and compassion from our legal team. We will always tell you the truth about your case, and your attorney will work diligently to pursue every avenue to get you the financial relief and justice you deserve.
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Contact Our Firm to Discuss Your Options for Financial Recovery with a Vehicle Collision Attorney

Have you been hurt in a crash with a semi-truck in Deep River or Essex, Connecticut? If so, you deserve to pursue financial recovery and justice from the truck driver or trucking company responsible for the accident. Contact Holth & Kollman, LLC, today for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn how a commercial truck crash lawyer serving in Deep River can help you pursue compensation for your vehicle repairs, medical treatment, lost income, and pain and suffering.