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You may have suffered significant injuries in your Connecticut car accident. However, you won’t be able to receive compensation for your injuries unless you prove who caused it.

When the issue of fault is contested in your auto accident case, you and your attorney are responsible for showing the court that the other party should pay your damages. A qualified personal injury lawyer in New London, CT, will gather various pieces of evidence to prove the other driver’s liability for your injuries.

The sooner you retain an attorney to help you with your case, the greater the amount of evidence there will likely be to support your claim. This, in turn, will improve the odds that your claim will be successful.

Connecticut Is an At-Fault Car Accident State

Connecticut law states that the driver whose negligent actions cause a traffic accident is responsible for paying the insurance claims of those injured in the crash. Where multiple parties’ careless actions combine to result in a collision, each party can be responsible for damages in proportion to their level of fault.

For example, if the actions of three different drivers contributed to your accident, all three could be held responsible for paying damages.

Suppose Driver 1 was 50% responsible for the accident, Driver 2 was 30% responsible, and Driver 3 was 20% responsible. These drivers and their insurance companies would be on the hook for a corresponding percentage of your damage award.

Modified Comparative Fault in Connecticut

In Connecticut, you can still recover compensation even if you were partially to blame for an accident. 

For example, imagine that you were involved in a rear-end collision in which you were forced to stop suddenly and the vehicle behind you crashed into your car. So long as you weren’t 51% or more responsible for the accident, you could recover damages from the other party.

However, if you’re the primary cause of your accident, you can’t recover compensation for your claim.

Determining Fault From Available Evidence

As a car accident injury victim, it falls on you to show that another party’s careless acts more than likely caused your accident and injuries. To meet this burden, you and your attorney can make use of the following types of evidence.

Eyewitness Statements

Eyewitnesses who were present when the accident happened may be able to provide a judge or jury with insight into how your accident unfolded. For instance, if you were involved in an intersection accident, other motorists may be able to tell the court who violated right-of-way laws and thereby caused the crash.

Police Reports

If the police are summoned to the accident scene, they’ll prepare an official crash report. This report will contain not just the names and insurance information of the parties involved but also the officer’s impressions as to how your accident occurred.

The officer’s opinion can be particularly persuasive since it will typically consider physical evidence found at the accident scene in addition to eyewitness statements.

Electronic and Digital Evidence

Several types of evidence are stored electronically and could be useful in proving fault, including:

  • Cell phone records from the other driver
  • Electronic data about the vehicle’s movements before the crash
  • Surveillance footage from street cameras or other video camera

An experienced Connecticut car accident lawyer can analyze the circumstances of your crash and determine what digital evidence may be available and useful. They can then take steps to preserve and secure such evidence.

The Other Driver’s Statements

Any statements the other driver makes to police, eyewitnesses, or others may be admissible and used to establish fault. For example, if the other driver made statements like, “I’m so sorry, it was my fault,” or, “I wasn’t watching where I was going,” they could support a finding that the driver’s carelessness led to the wreck.

The same holds for you, which is why you should refrain from making unnecessary comments immediately after a crash. Anything you say suggesting that you had a role in the accident can be used against you. If done so successfully, the amount of compensation you stand to receive may be reduced.

Expert Witnesses

In especially complex cases, the testimony of an expert witness may be required to prove fault.

Expert witnesses are individuals with specialized knowledge of some aspect of the event or outcomes in question, such as medical doctors, engineers, or forensic analysts. They can examine the available evidence and reconstruct the sequence of events that led to your collision and subsequent injuries.

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The success of your claim and the likelihood of recovering damages depend on your ability to show fault. The seasoned legal professionals at Holth & Kollman, LLC, can help. Our knowledgeable team will carefully review your case to ensure that you understand all your legal options for pursuing recovery.

If you or a loved one have been hurt in a motor vehicle crash, contact us today to request a free case consultation.

Who’s Liable for Sexual Abuse Claims in Connecticut?

In Connecticut, identifying the liable parties is a crucial step in a sex abuse claim. Understanding each one’s potential responsibility is key.
The Abuser The Abuser | Holth & Kollman, LLC The Abuser | Holth & Kollman, LLC

The Abuser

The individual directly responsible for the sexual abuse is typically the primary defendant in a civil lawsuit. Victims can seek compensation for the trauma and suffering the perpetrator’s actions caused.

Employers Employers | Holth & Kollman, LLC Employers | Holth & Kollman, LLC


If the abuser was acting in their capacity as an employee when the abuse occurred, their employer could be liable. This is particularly relevant if the employer failed to conduct thorough background checks or ignored warning signs of inappropriate behavior.

Property Owners Property Owners | Holth & Kollman, LLC Property Owners | Holth & Kollman, LLC

Property Owners

Property owners can be held accountable if the abuse took place on their premises, especially if they did not ensure adequate safety or failed to address potential risks on their property.

Churches and Religious Institutions Churches and Religious Institutions | Holth & Kollman, LLC Churches and Religious Institutions | Holth & Kollman, LLC


When sexual abuse occurs in an educational setting, the school may be liable. This includes cases where a staff member committed the abuse on school grounds. Liability in these cases often hinges on whether the school neglected its duty to provide a safe environment for its students. A child sexual abuse lawyer will investigate to determine whether a school may be liable.

Schools Schools | Holth & Kollman, LLC Schools | Holth & Kollman, LLC

Churches and Religious Institutions

Churches or other religious institutions can be liable in cases where a member of the clergy committed the abuse. These institutions have a responsibility to protect their members and may be accountable if they failed to address allegations of abuse. A clergy abuse lawyer in New London can help.

Other Organizations Other Organizations | Holth & Kollman, LLC Other Organizations | Holth & Kollman, LLC

Other Organizations

Clubs, youth organizations, and other entities can also face liability in sex abuse cases, particularly if the abuse occurred during their activities or if someone associated with the organization committed the abuse. This includes situations where the organization failed to implement proper safeguards or ignored signs of misconduct.

Compensation from Sex Abuse Claims in Connecticut

In Connecticut, the law allows abuse survivors to claim compensation for various losses, both tangible and intangible, that they have suffered. While the specific amount you can recover depends on the facts of your case, we can help you seek compensation for the following losses.

Medical Expenses

This includes costs for any medical treatment needed due to the abuse, such as emergency care, ongoing therapy, and counseling. It covers both past and future medical expenses related to the abuse.
Medical Expenses Medical Expenses | Holth & Kollman, LLC Medical Expenses | Holth & Kollman, LLC

Lost Wages

If the abuse has led to time off work or impacted the survivor’s ability to earn a living, compensation can be sought for lost wages. This also encompasses any future loss of earning capacity due to the long-term effects of the abuse.
Lost Wages Lost Wages | Holth & Kollman, LLC Lost Wages | Holth & Kollman, LLC

Pain and Suffering

Survivors can seek damages for the physical and emotional pain and suffering caused by the abuse. This acknowledges the intangible impact of the trauma, including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.
Pain and Suffering Pain and Suffering | Holth & Kollman, LLC Pain and Suffering | Holth & Kollman, LLC

Loss of Enjoyment of Life

This pertains to the decreased quality of life experienced by survivors, including loss of interest in activities they once enjoyed and the overall impact on their daily living.
Loss of Enjoyment of Life Loss of Enjoyment of Life | Holth & Kollman, LLC Loss of Enjoyment of Life | Holth & Kollman, LLC
hand shake hand shake | Holth & Kollman, LLC hand shake | Holth & Kollman, LLC

How Our New London, Connecticut, Sex Abuse Law Firm Can Help You

Our Connecticut sexual assault attorney provides compassionate legal support for sexual abuse survivors. We start by creating a personalized legal strategy, taking the time to listen to your story and tailoring our approach to meet your specific needs and goals. Our team has extensive experience with these sensitive cases, and we make sure to protect your privacy and mental health throughout the legal process.

Next, we conduct a thorough investigation to gather all the necessary evidence. Our team is prepared to advocate vigorously on your behalf during settlement negotiations or in front of a judge or jury at trial. We provide our services on a contingency fee basis, meaning you don’t have to worry about any upfront costs.

At Holth & Kollman, LLC, our Connecticut sexual abuse lawyer is dedicated to empowering you and helping you find both legal resolution and a path toward healing. Call us today or reach out online for a free, confidential case review.

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