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When you own a motorcycle, it can often feel like your destination doesn’t matter — it’s the journey itself that counts. The pure pleasure of riding, whether you’re running a quick errand, commuting to work, or taking in some stunning fall foliage, can feel like the key part of the experience. However, the situation can turn critical in an instant if you’re involved in an accident.

Motorcycle accidents are a known risk motorcyclists face because there’s so much joy to be found while riding. But when accidents do occur, they can cause severe injuries requiring considerable medical treatment and a long recovery process. This is the case even if you’re doing everything possible to protect yourself, such as wearing a helmet and other protective gear and following the rules of the road.

When another person’s negligence causes an accident, and you’re injured while riding your motorcycle, you likely face significant medical expenses. Thankfully, a motorcycle crash attorney serving Chester, Connecticut, at Holth & Kollman, LLC, can help you seek compensation for your losses. Contact us today to learn more about our legal services and discuss your case in a free initial consultation.

What Causes Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle accidents may have a number of potential causes. While road and weather conditions can cause or contribute to an accident, many of the most common causes of motorcycle accidents come down to negligence on the part of other motor vehicle drivers. A driver can cause a motorcycle accident by: 
Driving while distracted
Driving while impaired
Failing to check blind spots
Failing to remain in their lane while turning or navigating a curve
Failing to yield the right of way
Turning in front of an oncoming motorcycle
Driving while fatigued
Driving at an excessive or unsafe speed for the conditions
Drivers have a responsibility to avoid causing an accident. When they neglect this responsibility and cause a collision with a motorcycle, they can be held liable for the motorcyclist’s injuries, lost income, property damage, and more.

What Are Some Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries?

While much of the enjoyment of riding a motorcycle comes from the sensation of being at one with your bike and feeling the wind whipping around you, the conditions that make this enjoyment possible also put you at risk in the event of an accident. Simply put, motorcyclists are in a highly vulnerable position because their bikes offer no protection when an accident happens.
As a result, if a driver hits you while you’re riding, you can be ejected from your motorcycle. This, in turn, can lead to your being thrown into a stationary object or into the path of another vehicle. You face the possibility of being run over or crushed. An accident can result in numerous severe injuries, such as: 
Head and neck injuries, including concussion and traumatic brain injuries
Back injuries, including spinal cord injuries
Abrasions, including road rash
Broken bones
Facial and dental trauma
Limb loss or injuries requiring amputation
Fatal injuries
The injuries you suffer will likely depend on factors such as how the accident occurred, the type of accident, the speed at which both you and the at-fault driver were traveling, the volume of traffic, and more. Your motorcycle accident lawyer serving Chester, Connecticut, will investigate the accident, identify all liable parties, and work to pursue the compensation you deserve.

How Can I Protect Myself After a Motorcycle Accident?

What you do after a motorcycle crash can affect the outcome of a personal injury claim your motorcycle injury lawyer serving Chester, Connecticut, files on your behalf. Here are some steps you can take to protect yourself and strengthen your claim:

Focus on Getting Better

Motorcycle accident injuries may require substantial treatment and a lengthy recovery time. Remain focused on regaining your health — follow your doctor’s treatment plan, attend all follow-up appointments, and avoid doing anything that might jeopardize your recovery.

Document Everything

Hang on to all medical bills, receipts, doctor’s notes, insurance documentation, communication from your employer, and other documents resulting from the accident. Your attorney will benefit from having a complete record to support your claim.

Don’t Accept Early Settlement Offers

An insurance adjuster may contact you shortly after the accident to offer a settlement. While you may already be feeling financially strained, remember that this offer is likely to be far less than what you might be able to secure with help from your motorcycle injury attorney.

Avoid Posting on Social Media

You may be tempted to post about your accident on social media. While it’s understandable that you’d wish to communicate about your situation with friends and family, insurers and attorneys for the driver who hit you may try to use these posts to discredit your claim. It’s best to avoid posting at all while your claim is pending.

Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

As soon as possible following the accident, secure legal representation through a law firm serving Chester, Connecticut, with experience handling personal injury cases. This will ensure you have the knowledgeable counsel you need moving forward.

Your motorcycle accident attorney serving Chester, Connecticut, will handle every step of your claim and be there to support you through the process.

How a Motorcycle Collision Attorney serving Chester, Connecticut, Can Help

Motorcycle accident cases can be complex. Depending on the circumstances, multiple factors may have caused the collision, and multiple other parties may be at fault. This can create a challenging investigation process for your motorcycle crash lawyer, but the good news is that an experienced attorney will be familiar with cases of this type and will know how to proceed.
Securing legal representation from a personal injury lawyer serving Chester, Connecticut, will help you in a number of ways. Your motorcycle collision attorney will:
Conduct an investigation into the cause of the accident
Identify all liable parties
Determine fair compensation
Negotiate a settlement with insurance companies and opposing counsel
File a lawsuit and take your case to court if necessary
The process of determining compensation is one of the more complicated aspects of a motorcycle accident claim. Your motorbike accident lawyer will review all the details and documentation of the accident and your ensuing medical treatment to arrive at a number that represents full and fair compensation for your losses, including:
Past and future medical expenses
Lost income and earning capacity
Pain and suffering
Property damage
The amount of compensation you may recover depends on the severity of your injuries, whether you expect to make a full physical recovery, and the extent of the accident’s impact on your life.
Keep in mind that you only have two years from the injury date to file a personal injury lawsuit in Connecticut. This may seem like a substantial window, but cases like these take time for law firms to prepare, and some physical evidence may only be accessible for a short time after an accident. Reach out for legal services serving Chester, Connecticut, as soon as possible to get started.

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