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Uber drivers may get a new recovery avenue after accidents

Uber drivers end up in accidents just like any other drivers for hire here in Connecticut. Because the company classifies them as independent contractors at this point, they do not have access to workers' compensation benefits.

However, the company started an insurance program available through OneBeacon Insurance Group and Aon P.L.C. to provide benefits to injured drivers in 2017. Drivers in Washington, D.C., and 40 states now offer the Drivers Injury Protection program for Uber drivers.

What can you expect from your workers' compensation claim?

A work accident can leave you with serious injuries that can affect your ability to work in the future and many other areas of your life. Injured workers have the right to certain types of financial support through their employers' workers' compensation insurance, but it can be complex to navigate this process. It can help to know what to expect from your claim and the types of benefits you can receive.

Injured workers have differing needs, and what you can get from your claim depends on your injuries, your losses and other factors. It can be beneficial to start by seeking an understanding of what you need to get better and get back to work. You may also find great benefit in seeking help as you prepare your claim.

Is something fishy with your loved one's will?

Contesting the will of your parent may be the last thing you ever expected to do. However, maybe things just didn't seem right near the end of your parent's life. Perhaps your loved one had a caregiver or relative who seemed to take too much interest in your parent's finances, or you suspect your loved one was not making sensible decisions.

Your suspicions may have been validated when you learned you were excluded from the will or that your portion of the inheritance had been greatly diminished. Contesting the will may be an option, but it is a complicated undertaking. Additionally, there are limited circumstances under which a court will hear a will contest. It will help you to have an understanding of the laws in Connecticut regarding your loved one's will.

Estate plans benefit young families

Two serious misconceptions regarding estate planning are that it is only for the old and it is only for the rich. In fact, people of any age and level of wealth can benefit from planning their estates, and those in Connecticut who have young families can gain a sense of security and peace of mind when they take the time to make these important plans.

As difficult as some of the factors of estate planning can be to consider, especially when they involve the welfare of your children, the solid and realistic plan you create for the future of your family and your assets can be a foundation that you can adjust and build on as you experience the normal changes in life.

If a consumer product caused you harm, who is liable?

When something you purchased for personal use or consumption causes you harm, you may not know that you could have grounds for a specific type of injury claim. Connecticut readers who suffered due to a dangerous consumer product could have a valid reason to move forward with a products liability claim.

Unfortunately, many people who suffered as the result of a dangerous product fail to understand their legal rights regarding compensation. If you believe you may have a case, you have no time to lose in seeking guidance regarding the potential legal options available to you.

What's a POA and do I need one?

No one, whether they reside in Connecticut or elsewhere, wants to think about what they would do if they became incapacitated. This happens, though, often when people least expect it. While hard to think about, not taking the time to make a plan for how to handle personal affairs can be a mistake and cause difficulties in the future. Estate planning and creating a POA could help prevent problems down the line.

What exactly is a POA? Is it difficult to create one? Do I really need it?

If a medical mistake caused you harm, what party is to blame?

Medical problems can be frustrating for you and your Connecticut family. The costs are high, and it could lead to various complications that carry over into multiple areas of your life. These problems can be compounded when medical mistakes cause additional physical harm. People who are victims of medical errors have certain rights.

If you believe you are the victim of a medical mistake, it is much more than an inconvenience. It can cost you in many ways, yet it is possible to hold liable parties accountable if you suffered harm due to the negligent care of a medical professional. It may seem like a daunting prospect to seek compensation through a medical malpractice claim, but you do not have to walk through it alone.

Administrative penalties following an OUI conviction

Drunk driving laws in Connecticut place the state among those with the strictest laws and harshest penalties. The consequences of operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol begin almost immediately. If police determine you are under the influence of alcohol, even if your blood alcohol content is lower than .08, officers will arrest you and take you to a lock-up facility. From there, your future depends on whether a court convicts you of the offense.

In addition to legal consequences for a conviction, such as jail time, fines and community service, you will face mandatory administrative penalties that involve the suspension of your driving privileges. These penalties are separate from your criminal charges, and for some, the outcome of your criminal case may have no bearing.

The types of distraction threatening your safety

Distracted driving is a serious threat to the well-being of every person driving on Connecticut roads and highways. The choice to engage in negligent or reckless behavior while behind the wheel is not only dangerous for the driver, it puts everyone else on the road at an increased risk for an accident.

Victims of distracted driving accidents have rights, including the right to hold liable parties accountable through a civil claim. There are various types of distracted driving, and they are all dangerous. If you believe that you have grounds to move forward with a claim, you may find it beneficial to first seek an evaluation of your case and an explanation of your legal options.

Do you need a trust as part of your complete estate plan?

Connecticut readers know that estate planning is a smart step for everyone, regardless of income level or the size of the estate. A basic estate plan can allow you to decide what will happen to your property in the future and make things easier for your beneficiaries. Most people could benefit from a basic will, but you may need more than that in order to meet specific objectives.

One of the things you may need as part of your estate plan is a trust. This is simply setting aside certain assets for a specific purpose. Different from naming beneficiaries in your will, a trust can allow you to hold certain property aside for the benefit of a specific person or reason. If you think you could benefit from the creation of a trust, you may need to learn about the specific types of trusts.

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